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  • March 2009




    DESIGNER: ice angel

    Brushes: Fractured-Sanity.Org
    Model: Xiao Lan

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Notice: This shop has closed ^^ My friend has set up/continued a new shop overseas at, will be as reliable as mine, please check it out, thanks ^^

    This Post is for past batch updates(Will only display last 3 batches).

    BATCH FIFTEEN IS CLOSED!! This blogshop is closed after this batch is settled ^^
    Update: Orders have been sent in to Geo, payment made with Geo, will be receiving the lenses within 2 weeks if no problems of confirmation of payment occurs.

    BATCH 14 Lenses: (14 March)
    Hi everyone, my apologies for the delayed batch update and sending out, tried to fit packing with studying for mid-terms but was only able to dedicate 3 hours of packing per day >.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">

    Note: My apologies once again for the delayed delivery for batch 14, due partially to POSB, Geo Medical and my busy schedule :X On my part, I'll offer a discount of US$2/pair for all customers of batch 14, up to a maximum of 4 pairs, applicable for the period of batch 16. This means that up to a maximum of 4 lenses will cost US$12 per pair, for customers from batch 14 only.

    Do email me if you're unsure what this means ^^

    BATCH 13
    Lenses: (6 Feb) All Postage items have been sent out beside those still ongoing settling with me ^^

    BATCH 12
    Lenses: HAVE ARRIVED.
    All mass meetups concluded.
    All Postage items have been sent out beside those still ongoing settling with me.

    Orders: Over 100/100
    Paid Orders: 100/100

    - She's Done With Her Words...# ;